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And before the creation of Darwin, God said, "Let there be Gilbert White.
Chris investigates the science of spring to find out what exactly triggers our wildlife to be so active at this time of year, while Martin visits the Hampshire parish of Selborne to discover how 18th century vicar Gilbert White became the first 'springwatcher'.
Gilbert White, correctional lieutenant, Gwinnett County Department of Corrections, Lawrenceville, Ga.
Gilbert White, an early pioneer in this field, took note of the levee effect in his doctoral dissertation, "Human Adjustments to Floods" (1945).
AoI call him Timothy,Ao after the tortoise kept by legendary 18th-century English naturalist Gilbert White.
It is a fantasy walk with Gilbert White, "The quiet raconteur of what he saw along the roads and in the meadows and woods of Selbourne in the 1780s.
This is the first US edition of nature writer Mabey's biography of his eighteenth-century predecessor Gilbert White, whose The Natural History of Selborne remains a principle text in British environmental literature.
He is not only the most distinguished wood-engraver of the nineteenth century and an important naturalist but also an irresistibly fascinating personality who--like contemporaries such as Wordsworth, Gilbert White, and John Clare--reminds us through his books of the world that once existed before the tidal wave of industrialism, urbanization, and globalism swept away all before them.
Within five minutes' drive are the former houses of naturalist Gilbert White and novelist Jane Austen.
White had been in the bookmaking business since the age of 18, and took over the family firm of Gilbert White Ltd when he was 30.