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Coronation Street Mon, Wed, Fri UTV The illicit romance between Maria and Aidan hots up with the couple stealing kisses in the ginnel.
So she celebrates by snogging Gary against a brick wall in the ginnel.
So when Tracy later collapses in the ginnel and is found by Robert and rushed to hospital, not even that can make either him or Amy want to give her a second chance.
If you go down to the ginnel in Coronation Street, you can be sure of a big surprise.
I wouldn't like to meet him in a ginnel after midnight.
A path between the graves and up a ginnel with hollowed cobbles leads to the hilltop and our house, which my mother turned into two, largish, dwellings in the 1960s.
THIS is the moment a woman was caught dumping bags of waste in a ginnel behind her house.
Before he can make a decision, he is called to help out his brother Lee after the drug addict is found unconscious in the ginnel.
Elsewhere, Tracy makes Tony sneak around the ginnel for her.
Elsewhere, t racy makes tony sneak around the ginnel sneak around the ginnel tf or her.
The trial heard that Henry, of Barford Road, Huyton, was hired as the assistant venue manager with duties such as mopping up urine from the ginnel beside the church and making sure first aid kits were full.
She said: "I was walking back through the ginnel which leads from school straight on to our street.