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Unlike so many hotels here, with their ginormous golf courses and sprawling grounds, the Royal Palms' network of shady Mediterranean courtyards, fountains, and leafy palms has an utterly private.
This ginormous wealth was said to be accumulated through corruption.
The Droid pocket guide; ginormous knowledge, pocket-sized.
Our files are ginormous and can only be compressed up to a point.
Yes, it would put a modest dent in the ginormous profits of the financial industry, which explains its opposition to the proposal.
A line up of people trailed beside the door, including a woman with a ginormous baby carriage for twins.
Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Volumizing Electric Blue, $6, Wal-Mart
The bore of the average factory barrel has tool marks that vary in size, up to ginormous.
With all these H'wood movie and book deals falling in LeBron James' ginormous lap these days, wouldn't it be easier for him to conduct all this new-found entertainment business by exiting Cleveland and setting up new headquarters in L.
I howled at Simon Cowell's ginormous head, which has now come to resemble one of those Easter Island statues topped off with a particularly resplendent bog brush.
But its gross margins, while falling by 100 basis points, are a ginormous 48.