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I've used this technique on several factory barrels with good results, though it still doesn't eliminate ginormous tool marks.
I don't want to frighten the director but after yesterday's foodfest even my ginormous habit is a bit stretched at the seams.
I howled at Simon Cowell's ginormous head, which has now come to resemble one of those Easter Island statues topped off with a particularly resplendent bog brush.
Or maybe O represents the customer's stretched and straining gob, as he struggles to nosh on the ginormous portions of food.
How ginormous a playoff share do the Giants owe Tiki Barber, considering all he has done to bring this team together since he left?
PROBABLY the biggest news of this - or any other century ever - was the discovery at the weekend of a ginormous hole in the universe nearly a billion light years (5,879,000,000,000, 000,000,000 miles) wide.
And the most recent food fiasco: After hundreds of pets were sickened or killed by pet food tainted by melamine, a byproduct of coal mining typically used to manufacture plastic goods, it was eventually determined that the same melamine-laced wheat gluten, a ginormous commodity import from China, had been used in feed for millions of hogs and chickens whose ultimate destination was your family's dinner table.
He sings and dances his way to Burger King to get a ginormous burger, joined by other men who are all doing the same.
com) is having its first ever off-site sale in our ginormous Gardena warehouse with savings 30-80% off thousands of items.
While there is a disclaimer at the top of the statement that says only "part of the following is true," he did write that "Amazon presented an opportunity to build something new that has ginormous potential.
Meanwhile - and you will have to decide for yourself if the following is real or not - Seb Coe pinched the ODC's personal assistant, Boris Johnson started using words like ginormous, and security firm G4S said they wanted paid the full whack.
Written by prog-rockers Mountain and entitled Nantucket Sleighride, its ginormous keyboard/guitar riff combo remains synonymous, to this day, with the smell of mum's onion gravy warming on the stove for countless kids of the '70s.