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Sometimes I have thought that it was merely the wild talk of delirium, sometimes that it may have referred to some band of people, perhaps to these very gipsies in the plantation.
When you combine the ideas of whistles at night, the presence of a band of gipsies who are on intimate terms with this old doctor, the fact that we have every reason to believe that the doctor has an interest in preventing his stepdaughter's marriage, the dying allusion to a band, and, finally, the fact that Miss Helen Stoner heard a metallic clang, which might have been caused by one of those metal bars that secured the shutters falling back into its place, I think that there is good ground to think that the mystery may be cleared along those lines.
The presence of the gipsies, and the use of the word 'band,' which was used by the poor girl, no doubt, to explain the appearance which she had caught a hurried glimpse of by the light of her match, were sufficient to put me upon an entirely wrong scent.
He heard also the water broken by the paddles of a canoe; the girl's voice giving orders, the voices of gipsies answering and coming nearer, the plumping and sucking noise of empty buckets plunged into a full stream; and finally the sound of many feet around the fire.
Flambeau and Fanshaw, now reinforced by some of the gipsies, had rushed after the mysterious man by the house; and he heard from the other end of the garden the Frenchman's cry of horror and astonishment.
there were many bolder beggars there, gipsies who promised husbands, and other adepts in their trade, and although some ladies smiled gently as they shook their heads, and others cried to the gentlemen beside them 'See, what a pretty face
The child said he had been given to gipsies after being abandoned by his parents and his adoptive mother claimed to have bought the boy from another gipsy.
You don't seem to realise that for as long as anyone knows, gipsies have had a "base" that they would return to after travelling in the spring and summer.
Gipsies have lived on the margins of society for centuries and faced brutal discrimination, with many resorting to stealing and begging to survive.
We are all aware of gipsies and travellers when they have visited an area, so why do our kids need lessons about their lifestyle, as they certainly don't or won't fit in with ours.
The Novas Group is the only Registered Social Landlord (RSL) working with gipsies and travellers across the UK and Ireland, and has welcomed comments made by the planning minister Keith Hill yesterday on unauthorised gipsy sites.