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While there was no evidence to suggest it was Ben, it showed children were being sold in gipsy circles.
The Gipsy was powered by a BMC 2,199cc petrol engine based on the one in the Austin A70 but progress was accelerating in the car world and by the 1960s and the engine was showing its age.
In an attempt to understand what is happening to these children, Romanian film-maker Liviu Tipurita embarks on a journey through Europe which takes him inside the closed world of the gipsy community, where he talks to the authorities and institutions meant to be dealing with this disturbing phenomenon.
Gipsy Moth V was the yacht in which Chichester attempted his last solo transatlantic race, but he was by then frail with bone cancer.
But John Wilson, Novas' assistant director for gipsy and traveller services, said: ``Keith Hill is entirely correct when he says local authorities should take pro active steps to delivering authorised sites for gipsies and travellers.
He said, ``Whether you travel or not I cannot understand why you can't be a gipsy if you've been born a gipsy.
The highlights of the day on June 21, led by Northern Stage at the Newcastle Playhouse, will be the first-ever performance in the UK by the Bosnian `Mother of Gipsy Soul' Ljiljana Buttler, along with the acclaimed Bosnian band Mostar Sevdah Reunion.
Novas assistant director for gipsy and traveller services, John Wilson, said: "We welcome the government calls for positive action to combat the discrimination gipsies and travellers face.
The judge upheld a Government planning inspector's finding that a gipsy did not cease to be a gypsy simply because he suffered from ill health or infirmity, which restricted him from leading a nomadic lifestyle.
A GIPSY could be forced off his own land because a legal technicality says he cannot be classed as a traveller as his failing health has stopped him moving around.
CRE chairman Trevor Phillips will visit two gipsy sites in east London as part of the review.