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Much of the small wage gains NUHW claims to have won were negated by a year-and-a-half of no pay raises while the contract was negotiated and the givebacks management forced on the union.
Philip Mattera, research director of Good Jobs First, said Verizon and other tax dodgers "aren't using these tax givebacks to create good jobs or invest in their companies in ways that would improve our communities.
Our paltry profit sharing yields us at the very best less than three percent of our annual givebacks.
Delta pilots agree to $280-$290 million in givebacks.
and looming space givebacks by corporations have kept negative pressure on rents.
It is the union's job to protect the best interest of the pilots and flight engineers so these steps are necessary before entering into talks to provide the company givebacks.
Northwest, pilot negotiators agree on $358 million in givebacks.
It's a sad day in Pennsylvania when the Governor and the Legislature fought over 20% pay increases for themselves last week, the Turnpike Commission has given contractors, vendors, financial institutions, and their own staff major raises of 8 percent to 15 percent after a 40 percent increase in fares on Turnpike drivers and truckers, and now are asking dedicated workers for givebacks in health care and seniority, threatening their job security," George said.
We don't want a strike, but we will not accept givebacks of any kind in our contract," said Mike Fishman, head of Local 32B-J, whose 28,000 members work in thousands of buildings in every borough but the Bronx.
From that point on, we have suffered through massive concessions and givebacks of over $200M per year, plus all of the problems that a rushed contract has brought.
15, at noon, outside the Washington Post, to demonstrate against management's unfair treatment and demands for givebacks in bargaining with about 350 mailers, members of CWA Local 14201.
Trump noted particular admiration for Richard Schaffer, chairman of the City Planning Commission, who ensured varying interests were appeased by project givebacks.