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The owners continued to refuse to give any financial justification for these massive givebacks.
The Medicare giveback legislation would increase Medicare payments to hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers.
Perhaps the twilightiest of zones the war on terror is taking us to are those legislative spaces where large corporations and America's wealthiest get to make their patriotic sacrifice by feathering their nests with tax breaks or dodging industrial controls through regulatory givebacks.
The strike began after the Yale administration opened contract negotiation talks by submitting a list of untenable givebacks.
However, overlapping provisions, a multiplicity of rates and a labyrinthine structure of floors and ceilings, phase-ins and phase-outs, effective dates and sunsets, exceptions, exclusions and givebacks will make it difficult to determine exactly how, when and to what extent.
A major issue was givebacks in health care, and the union pounded away at that in shaping its campaign.
For example, a number of contracts in recent years have included concessions or givebacks, and some companies have moved into new areas with different formats that have included lower wage levels or were not unionized.
EEA should work to ensure that givebacks take place only after necessary cuts in staffing and other areas are in place.
threatened to close the paper if $20 million in givebacks were not approved by six unions, including the Guild.
Downtown experienced a drop in vacancy rates in all building classes in 2004, despite the addition of a large amount of space through new additions and large space givebacks.