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The other top 10 Welsh surnames all come from traditional Welsh given names - Davies from Dafydd, Evans from Iefan, Lewis from Llywelyn, Hughes from Hywel, Griffiths from Grufydd, and Morgan from Morcant.
Saudi Arabia has banned some 50 names for newborns on the grounds that they are blasphemous and contradict the culture of the country, including the given name of Israel's very own Prime Minister Netanyahu, Hretz reported.
The custom of using given names or surnames is in part culturally determined to mark the separation of public and private spheres.
The Japanese government has now given names to all 99 remote islands defining the EEZ where Japan has sole rights for exploration of natural resources.
The animals given names such as Buttercup, Daisy and Gertrude are happier, more relaxed and produce more milk than those just treated as part of a herd, it is claimed.
Al Hamam said streets which already have names will keep the same names as per the Emiri decree whereas new streets will be given names and numbers, adding that about 6,000 streets in the emirate will be named and numbered, including those which have not yet been paved.
Since the change in demographics, Chinese given names are more frequently seen today; sometimes combined with a Western given name.
A spokesman said: "Pets are considered members of the family and are often given names such as Molly and Jack so they fit in.
Language Analysis Systems, maker of multicultural name recognition software, has announced availability of LAS NameParser, a new technology designed to help organizations parse ethnically diverse personal names from more than 200 countries into given names and surnames.
When Boro's old Ayresome Park ground was redeveloped for housing, the new streets were given names connecting them with its former use.
This paper focuses on the analysis of the formation of personal names, the semantic meaning and the connotation embedded in names, and the connection between given names and Chinese culture.
Disputes over both surnames and given names will be discussed, as well as issues that can arise in the context of modification proceedings, in addition to initial paternity proceedings.