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As was discussed earlier, by the middle of the fourteenth century given names no longer served as reliable guides to membership in either the Latin or the Greek community.
LAS NameParser uses expert knowledge from LAS's study of one billion personal names to automate the analysis and parsing of a personal name into surname and given name components.
The application makes an automated call to LAS NameParser, in order to parse the information into given name, "Maria del Carmen," and surname, "Bustamante de la Fuente.
COWS which are given names by their farmers produce more milk, according to new research.
Al Hamam said streets which already have names will keep the same names as per the Emiri decree whereas new streets will be given names and numbers, adding that about 6,000 streets in the emirate will be named and numbered, including those which have not yet been paved.
The Japanese government said Saturday it has given names to 39 more uninhabited islands around Japan, completing the process of naming all such islands on which the country's 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone is based.
Sales of real ales, given names such as Mighty Oak and Fat Cat, rose by 5% to take a pounds 1.
A SERIES of obscure British species were today given names such as the Queen's executioner, sea piglet and witches' whiskers after a competition to give them common English names for the first time.
It uses evidence taken from a survey involving over 270,000 surnames found in parish records throughout Wales, and has been extended to cover given names.
Saudi Arabia is not the only country to ban given names deemed as offensive.
He has given names and addresses of people seen riding the bike to police but claims nothing is being done.
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