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Recognizes an IFA member whose charitable or community support program embodies the spirit of what it means to be a part of the franchise industry by giving back to his or her local community.
In April, The Giving Back Fund was officially approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees and the Society Board of Trustees.
Giving back means devoting time and resources, knowledge and influence, energy and experience to benefit your community, the industries you serve and the causes you support.
In donating seed, he too is practicing giving back to the earth.
Sophia had been giving back to dozens of local charities since she and her husband, Boris, bought the Sherman Oaks restaurant almost nine years ago.
Both men realize the importance of a responsible, caring, loving adult role model in a child's life and of giving back to their community through personal and corporate philanthropy.
There are so many benefits to giving back," he says.
There are many benefits to giving back to the community.
We started this program to find new people who had innovative ideas on how to get things accomplished in the business world and who were interested in giving back to their communities,'' said Jayson Schaff, Journal editor.
Our merchants are seeing the value of working with FGBF and simultaneously giving back to the communities they serve.
Franchising Gives Back shines a light on these exemplary leaders who are giving back and inspiring their peers to do the same.