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In the past too, GLA University has signed MoU with Arkansas University, USA on similar lines.
The GLA 200 AMG and AMG GLA 45 are priced at IDR739m and IDR1.
Think a little more about the GLA 45 AMG and you come away wondering not how it measures up against an Audi RS Q3, but whether it really offers anything much more over, say, a PS32,000 Audi S3 Sportback, other than being half a second quicker to 62mph.
Mercedes' current design language has plenty to recommend it - a move away from more traditional Teutonic design lines to the likes of the elegant CLS and the GLA is definitely a good example of this, with flowing lines and curves in all the right places.
This GLA also offers a Downhill Speed Regulation function (DSR) and an offroad comfort suspension that raises the suspension to give an improved offroad capabilities, all of which adds to this car's versatile character.
Numerous driving assistance systems offer support in the GLA 250 and reduce the driver's workload.
0-litre petrol engines range from the 156bhp in the GLA 200 model to 211bhp in the GLA 250, while diesels include the 2.
Including the GLA 45 AMG, Mercedes-Benz has launched 9 cars in the Indian market in 2014, with the company planning to add one more model soon to make the number whole.
The profile also establishes the fact that the GLA is more of crossover rather than a full- blown SUV.
The GLA is Mercedes' answer to the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 but has more road presence than both.
Entry level GLA models come with two-wheel-drive but my 220 CDI test car was equipped with full four-wheel-drive, capable of varying the amount of power going to front and rear axles depending upon need, and equipped with a switchable hill decent system.