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For example, at a site where there is a very thick sequence of clay-rich glacial deposits (20-40 m or more), the primary concern may be lateral migration of water and contaminants towards nearby streams, ditches, or agricultural drainage tiles.
A Telychian glacial episode is well known from South American glacial deposits (Grahn & Caputo 1992; Caputo 1998).
To the relatively smooth earlier glacial deposits, it simply added a veneer of till one to 90 ft thick (fine rock-flour, silt, sand, pebbles and subangular stones all mixed).
The team found other telltale evidence, sediment from much higher elevations and older than the last glacial deposits, at the bottom of the river gorges.
Subsequent articles examine topics that include lesser known glacial deposits of Gondwana, the chronostratigraphic resolution of paleofaunas and paleofloras in glacial and postglacial conditions, freshwater and brackish water ichnofaunas of postglacial marine transgressions, and characteristics of high-latitude post-glacial lakes in the Mackellar Formation of the Transantarctic Mountains.
We want to create some maps that show the thickness of the glacial deposits, sand and gravel, because that makes a big difference if you're thinking of putting in a (heat) pump for your house.
In Canada, and other glaciated regions, they are interbedded with glacial deposits and have been most useful in determining periods of sedimentary nondeposition, and interpreting interglacial climates.
A new fence now completely surrounds the park, whose acidic soil from glacial deposits means the local land was never really suitable for agriculture.
The Mineralogy of Sand From Glacial Deposits of the Lake Michigan Lobe, Southwestern Michigan.
In addition to lithology and mineralogy of glacial deposits mentioned above, the published results include those on stratigraphy of Quaternary sediments, topography of Estonian bedrock, evolution and geomorphology of the Quaternary cover, evolution of the Baltic Sea and its ancient coastal formations, distribution of erratic boulders, development of large lakes, protection and complex use of Estonian mineral resources, environmental history, and nature protection.
Stratigraphic detail of glacial deposits has a profound influence on the engineering properties of soil units.