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GLADIUS. In our old Latin authors, and in the Norman laws, this word was used to signify supreme jurisdiction, jus gladii.

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Interestingly, Gladius claims that the decentralised network allows users to rent out their spare bandwidth for extra money, with this excess bandwidth then "distributed to nodes which in turn funnel the bandwidth to websites under DDoS attacks to make sure they stay up.
2-mm multifilament stainless wire; (D) swordfish (Xiphias gladius,) caught with 1.
The largemesh California drift gillnet (DGN) fishery (1) is one of these five federally managed HMS fisheries, along with the albacore, Thunnus alalunga, surface-hook-and-line fishery, the tuna purse seine fishery, the deep-set longline tuna fishery, and the harpoon swordfish, Xiphias gladius, fishery.
Dieta del pez espada Xiphias gladius Linnaeus, 1758, en aguas oceanicas de Chile central en invierno de 2003.
Sharing her experience, Ms Alvena Gladius said theatre plays important role for social transformation in the society.
Actas XXCongreso Internacional de Estudios sobre la Frontera Romana/Roman Frontier Congress, Anejos de Gladius 13, Madrid, 253-266.
While it still lacks soundstages and full-service facilities, Puerto Rico boasts its first digital animation studio, Gladius, set up two years ago by producer Heri Martinez to provide animation, advertising, videogames, virtual reality, corporate videos and other ancillary needs.
Wesley Ward's Yankee stars, Acapulco and Finnegan, failed to earn their stripes and on get-out Saturday Polarisation (28-1), Litigant (33-1) and Shadow Hunter (33-1) plunged the gladius deeper into my ribs.
Satya Narasimha Nambu and Gladius Lewis, "Influences of the temporal nature of the applied load and the tibial baseplate material on the stress distribution in a three-dimensional model of the human knee joint containing a prosthetic replacement", Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, (2004).
Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but back when Blackhawk came out with the Gladius light with strobe option, I realized I wasn't ready for a flashlight I had to go to armorer's school to learn.
ROG GR8 comes bundled with two superb ROG accessories: the amazing ROG Gladius optical mouse and M801 mechanical keyboard, which give players supreme command and control in the most intense gaming situations.
On one level, Richter's comprehensive monograph-cum-biography and catalogue raisonne brings to our attention a multi-facetted artist who was active during a time that has often been characterised as Munich's cultural-historical golden age (as Thomas Mann, for instance, put it in Gladius Dei [1902]: "Munchen leuchtete.