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When we started this project, we simply wanted to address the question as to whether there was any rational basis for 'hope' -- that is a rational basis to expect that human behavioral changes can sufficiently impact climate to significantly reduce future global temperatures," said NIMBioS Director Louis J.
It could be some random short-term fluctuation in average global temperature, but coming on top of the record warming of 2014 and 2015 it feels a lot more like part of a trend.
With 2014 also one of the hottest on record, Professor Adam Scaife, head of long range prediction at the Met Office, said: "This forecast suggests that by the end of 2016 we will have seen three record, or near-record, years in a row for global temperatures.
Alistair Dutton, director of the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund said: "It's a monumental achievement that world leaders have recognised that we must keep global temperatures below 1.
These measurements are plugged into an algorithm that then estimates average global temperature.
June marked the 340th consecutive month - more than 28 years -with a global temperature above the 20th-century average, NO said.
That probably won't happen until quite late in the decade and by then, at the current rate of emissions, we will be well past the point at which we could hold the rise in average global temperature down to two degrees C.
CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS HAVE MADE much hay of research that claims that global temperatures have stopped rising.
Speaking at the third South Asia Policy Forum on Sunday, Palash Kanti Das, Oxfam's South Asia Economic Justice Coordinator said, "If the global temperature rise is not maintained at 1.
Holding global temperature increases to 2 degrees Celsius not enough to protect farming: Even if the international community manages to prevent a global temperature increase of more than 2[degrees]C--the point considered to be the threshold for catastrophic climate change--the agricultural sector will still suffer without sizeable investments, said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso at last week's U.
Two official sources of satellite data on global temperature recently announced that June temperatures had fallen to their 30-year averages.
We must look at solar activity for the cause of global temperature changes.

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