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An annotation, explanation, or commentary on a particular passage in a book or document, which is ordinarily placed on the same page or in the margin to elucidate or amplify the passage.

See: color, comment, distortion, note

GLOSS. Interpretation, comment, explanation, or remark, intended to illustrate the text of an author.

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Three experimental resins were selected: two all-acrylic high gloss resins (Experimental A and Experimental B) and an all-acrylic resin (Experimental C) intended for flat through semi-gloss paints.
It's just how the surface of the steel or plastic reflects light that changes the gloss and can make it appear to be a different color.
Gloss succeeded his late father, George Gloss - a well-known figure both in Boston and in national antiquarian circles.
This volume joins Mary Dove's earlier translation of the Gloss on the Song of Songs in the same series (2004).
Kustom Group has developed KB-3164 Gloss Litho OPV for Digital.
The appearance of gloss is sometimes referred to as glossiness and can as such not be measured, however the reflectance properties of the surface that can be linked to gloss can be characterized.
Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Lasting Moisture Lip Gloss in Soft Peach (pounds 6.
THIS delicious berry-scented gloss is sheer on application and slightly gloopy to the touch if you prefer a thicker consistency.
Summary: Women can now have gorgeous, glamorous hair thanks to the dazzling diamond shine of NIVEA Hair Care Diamond Gloss, the latest hair care innovation from the world's leading beauty and skin care brand.
Cargo's glosses are housed in packaging that incorporates cutting-edge technology known as Timestrip, in which a tiny strip embedded in the cap of the gloss keeps track of how long the gloss has been open.