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It also publishes LAUNCH Magazine, the world's first glossy magazine focused on model rocketry and 21st Century space travel and exploration.
Every day until Tuesday, you will get a free glossy magazine with your paper with all of the help and advice you need to get started on your weight-loss journey.
The Department for International Development spent pounds 150,000 on polling and producing a glossy magazine last year.
The mag showcases glossy magazine style the range of goods on offer at LXDirect.
In tomorrow's Post, we will be publishing a new quarterly glossy magazine, Vision Birmingham.
Well, add an old school flame and a beautiful and successful childhood friend and the future suddenly looks as dull as last month's glossy magazine.
The May issue of Enterprise North East, the glossy magazine dedicated to business start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovation and enterprise, features an interview with John Marshall, one of the North's most successful businessmen.
At long last there's a glossy magazine that speaks your language.
The Spring 2004 issue is a 178-page glossy magazine featuring 245 models and more than 700 trim lines with full color photographs.
EVERY time I pick up a glossy magazine for women - four or five times a day, at most - I read the same story about Jennifer Aniston.
IT WAS a `derby match' picture with a difference when Everton footballer Wayne Rooney put on his best clobber for a photo spread in the pages of a glossy magazine.
I have no doubt that the poll itself is accurate, but I question that results from a glossy magazine can be extrapolated to include all women.