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Every day until Tuesday you'll find more free glossy magazines inside your Irish Daily Mirror with all of the help and advice you need to get started on your weight-loss journey.
London, January 30 (ANI): A pub chain in Britain is ready to lure "Swags" with larger wine glasses, glossy magazines and free toiletries in loos.
The winners can expect their own glossy magazine shoot and unlimited access to Collection 2000 products.
the first glossy magazine from The Wall Street Journal, has announced the appointment of Sophie Raptis as publisher.
IF you watched The Devil Wears Prada and decided that being treated like dirt by an impossibly demanding editor was a small price to pay for the chance to swan around the offices of a glossy magazine in a designer outfit all day, this is undoubtedly the reality show for you.
The event at the Broad Street superclub is being put on along with glossy magazine More and promises flamboyance, theatre and style.
British actress Minnie Driver opted for MySpace instead of the pages of a glossy magazine to reveal the first image of her baby son.
We picked 25 extraordinary Northerners and told their story in a beautiful glossy magazine called "Fabulous Northern Ontario.
Animals Voice was published by Laura Moretti as a glossy magazine from 1986 to 1997, and even though it's been consistently available since then online (at www.
SIERRA, A GLOSSY magazine published by the Sierra Club, has a Web site called "The Bush Archives" at sierraclub.
The glossy magazine is free to all involved in urban design, hard landscaping, civil engineering and indeed any form of paving--whether designers, specifiers or contractors.
3 pages each: newspaper, white paper, and glossy magazine paper * blender * measuring cup * warm water (1 gallon) * pan--at least 8 cm (3 in.