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GLOUCESTER, STATUTE OF. An English statute, passed 6 Edw. I., A. D., 1278; so called, because it was passed at Gloucester. There were other statutes made at Gloucester, which do not bear this name. See stat. 2 Rich. II.

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para]]TORONTO and GLOUCESTER, England, May 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --[[/para]]
Sam Smith replaces injured for England and Lions wing Ugo Monye from the side which defeated Gloucester, England captain Chris Robshaw among the Londoners' side.
In a packed St Peter's Catholic Church in Gloucester, England, their coffins rested side-by-side for a joint service following their deaths on February 19.
Bernadette Purcell of the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre South West, Gloucester, England, and her colleagues (BMJ 328[7452]:1339, 2004).
If Martin Johnson wants to do the same, he can do a lot worse than take a lead from the former Gloucester, England and Lions prop.
The response was by Mike Burton, former Gloucester, England and British Lion prop, on behalf of the opposition, with a watchful eye on the Pontypool front row who were seated just in front of him.
GLOUCESTER, England -- Ultra Electronics Precision Air Systems is pleased to announce that a Teaming Agreement has been signed with Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC, Indianapolis (RTSC), to pursue the BRU-69/A Multi-Purpose Bomb Rack program for the U.

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