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GLOUCESTER, STATUTE OF. An English statute, passed 6 Edw. I., A. D., 1278; so called, because it was passed at Gloucester. There were other statutes made at Gloucester, which do not bear this name. See stat. 2 Rich. II.

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The first was a 2-month stint at an endoscopy clinic in Gloucester, England, in 1990.
The study was commissioned by the World Council of Churches (WCC), and undertaken by the Brussels-based Churches' Commission on Migrants in Europe and the Nova Research Centre in Gloucester, England.
Born in Gloucester, England, she was the daughter of Harry and Elen Young.
Summer flooding in western England has closed GE Healthcare's manufacturing plant in Gloucester, England.
Brian Witcombe, Gloucester, England, was asked to contribute to a public exhibition showing how ultrasonography is used to view the gallbladder.
Health Protection Agency (South West), Gloucester, England, United Kingdom; ([dagger]) Meningococcal Reference Unit, Manchester, England, United Kingdom; and ([double dagger]) County Hospital, Hereford, England, United Kingdom
In October ICR reported that Unilever was planning to cut 320 jobs at its ice cream plant in Gloucester, England to reduce overcapacity and lower costs.

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