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Gluer declared having no financial conflicts regarding the Eli Lilly--funded EuroGIOPs trial.
A "fractionator" takes a whole and breaks it into parts, assisted by a cutter, gluer, and melder.
I said that I did not know the true identities of Atomic Dog and Mad Gluer.
Roberts PolyPro new servo-controlled applicator docks easily with any folder gluer and is designed to be moved between folder gluers for maximum flexibility.
Last Monday, the then Chief Executive Officer of Queensland Rail Ms Helen Gluer said:
Inline options include a folder/ gluer and waste-stripping unit for a complete production line.
Gluer, Wuc, Jergas M, Goldstein S, Geenant H 1994 three quantitative parameters reflect bone structure.
Jaymar to install Ambition 76 In other Bobst developments of recent months, Crewe-based carton manufacturer Jaymar Packaging Limited announced it is expanding the capacity and capabilities of its finishing department with the purchase of a Bobst Ambition 76 folder gluer.
Other features will include KBA's Zip'n'Buy variable perforator for tear-out ads, a gluer and super-panorama production capability.
According to Owner and President Brian Roe, BriMar invested heavily in 2007, with an 18,000-square-foot expansion, additional staffing and production equipment such as panel saws, edgebanders, a radio frequency gluer and veneering equipment.