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Gluer declared having no financial conflicts regarding the Eli Lilly--funded EuroGIOPs trial.
A "fractionator" takes a whole and breaks it into parts, assisted by a cutter, gluer, and melder.
I said that I did not know the true identities of Atomic Dog and Mad Gluer.
Last Monday, the then Chief Executive Officer of Queensland Rail Ms Helen Gluer said:
Inline options include a folder/ gluer and waste-stripping unit for a complete production line.
Gluer, Wuc, Jergas M, Goldstein S, Geenant H 1994 three quantitative parameters reflect bone structure.
Jaymar to install Ambition 76 In other Bobst developments of recent months, Crewe-based carton manufacturer Jaymar Packaging Limited announced it is expanding the capacity and capabilities of its finishing department with the purchase of a Bobst Ambition 76 folder gluer.
Other features will include KBA's Zip'n'Buy variable perforator for tear-out ads, a gluer and super-panorama production capability.
According to Owner and President Brian Roe, BriMar invested heavily in 2007, with an 18,000-square-foot expansion, additional staffing and production equipment such as panel saws, edgebanders, a radio frequency gluer and veneering equipment.