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The HAAs dichloroacetic acid, bromochloroacetic acid, and dibromoacetic acid are transformed to glyoxylic acid, and 2,2-dichloropropanoic acid is metabolized to pyruvic acid (Board and Anders 2005).
Accumulation of glycolic Acid and glyoxylic acid in serum in cases of transient hyperglycinemia after transurethral surgery.
No formic or glyoxylic acid was detected and the pyruvic:malonic acid molar ratio was <0.
1]), while for oxalic acid titration with KMnO4 and for glyoxylic acid the iodometric method was used.
com/research/0f69a2/production_and_mar) has announced the addition of the "Production and Market of Glyoxylic Acid in China-2011" report to their offering.