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Though he accomplished those feats in a prose so gnomically stringent that it almost defies comprehension, he left a deep imprint not just on philosophy but on 20th-century intellectual life in general.
He ended gnomically, "In an imperfect world--No solution or course of action is perfect.
Even a bird in Mallarme, as de Man once gnomically said, never quite loses the warmth of the nest in which it was born.
Davenport, who writes gnomically and with chiselled grace, leaves us with aphorisms ("Shape answers use.
Another of the Minor Sea-Pieces, "The Tuft of Kelp," is, like the poetry of Emily Dickinson, gnomically expressive, a nugget of pure intelligence.
199), he states gnomically, and in Bruccoli's world, special collections are de rigueur, with Kent State University being, for him, one of the best examplars of this practice.
Because then you will understand," the artist offered gnomically, "that the center lies on the outside.
Even Gnome or Plain Speech is a figure, whose "greatest glory lies in making Men to live Gnomically, as all just and righteous men do, who by keeping their words, make good their bargain s, paying their Debts, and such like things" (138-39).
Guagliardo proceeds from the premise that "Everyone is marginal," as gnomically uttered by the Mexican lawyer Carlos Bernhardt in The Ultimate Good Luck.
The angel replies gnomically to Martin's challenge: "There is no answer in your vocabulary.