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In April this year, our president said he was 'going slow so that I can survive.' However, shortly before he was sworn in again last May, Buhari was on a Nigerian Television Authority interview programme promising he would stop being the crawling dawdler he was during his first term: 'Those who call me Baba Go slow will see whether I am slow or fast,' he boasted.
Asked till when the DA-BAI's 'go slow' process on issuing SPS-ICs would last, Pinol answered it depends on the volume of meat inventories.
Today's go slow protest came after a number of protests were held across the UK on March 22including on the A494 in Deeside.
Federal Reserve may go slow on interest rate hikes next year.
Actress Sanya Malhotra, who is gearing up for the release of her films, says she would rather go slow with quality projects than sign films to maintain visibility.
Unknown people allegedly told Mr Okoth to "go slow" on the incident.
The lecturers go slow action which started on Tuesday has also led to students protesting against the school administration on grounds that they want lecturers in their classes.
I get particularly incensed when motorists hog the overtaking lane on dual carriageways as if it's just another lane to go slow in.
Hafizabad -- Sugar-cane growers have strongly criticised the 'go slow' policy of the sugar mill owners for creating disappointment among them.
India has warned its business firms to go slow on projects in Iran's Chabahar Free Trade Zone, whose development hasn't been moving much anyway because of what India calls Iranian inaction.