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Dairy supplier, St Helen's Farm, will be using the success of their goat's milk to promote Food Intolerance Week between January 22 and January 27.
color) Laura ``Laloo'' Howard shows some of her goat's milk ice cream.
The farm is Animal Welfare Approved Certified and is committed to making the best goat's milk soap on the market.
Here are some reasons why goat's milk is gaining in popularity.
Goat's milk contains much less of the lactose sugar than dairy products and is therefore easier to digest, making it a viable alternative for some people.
I nowbuy the full range of goat's milk products, with the milk especiallymakingadivine ricepudding.
Following admission to paediatric intensive care of a five-month old boy with severe electrolyte imbalance, renal dysfunction and stroke as a result of being exclusively fed raw goat's milk for three to four weeks, paediatricians undertook a literature review of the consequences associated with infants being fed raw goat's milk.
Laboratory experiments and evidence have shown that baby milk blend made from fresh goat's milk is beneficial as it has nutrition elements similar to that in mothers' milk", Dr.
I'm not a lover of goat's milk over my morning cereal, though I've not noticed when Susan has slipped it in an occasional cup of tea.
By changing to a goat's milk diet, she found their skin condition could be kept under control, but they missed ice cream and fudge.
Did you know that goat's milk is different from cow's milk?
For a more exotic flavor or animal alternative to cow's milk, there are also goat's milk and sheep's milk yogurts.