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Yet, on the other hand, I cannot but think it shame that a man should turn God's mercy on and off, as a cellarman doth wine with a spigot."
The Royal Hashemite Court asks for God's mercy and blessings for the late Princess, and extends condolences to His Majesty King Abdullah II, Princess Alia bint Hussein and the Hashemite family members.
Martins urged Nigerians to pray for God's mercy so that both the young and the old would be able to uphold chastity and practise obedience at the expense of nudity.
"They see the church coming to be among them with the good news of God's mercy very close at hand, so they can reach out and touch it, or simply rejoice in its nearness.
FROM Khyber Pakthunkwa to Sindh and Balochistan, it has become a custom for doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of government-run institutions to go on indefinite strikes and leave patients at God's mercy.
In a similar way, Pope Francis was inspired by the thought that God's mercy calls-because we are sinners.
Has no one condemned you?" "Neither do I condemn you." God's mercy nullifies her past even as God's justice opens her life to the future.
The fact that Jesus Christ instituted the sacrament of confession is a sign of God's mercy. In confession, as a Pope John Paul II said, man has 'a more personal encounter with the crucified forgiving Christ, with Christ saying, through the minister of the sacrament of Reconciliation: 'Your sins are forgiven.'' (Redemptor Hominis, 20).
"I wish God's mercy to our brothers who lost their lives in the attack and the speedy recovery of the wounded," he said.
A Catholic Church leader reminds the faithful of his calling as "messengers and missionaries of God's mercy."
Greetings to all our people in the mountain and God's mercy to all the martyrs of the nation," he tweeted.
We leave it at God's mercy and hope the weather improves tomorrow, said the commissioner.