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We know better today unless, God forbid, you should be a Latino or Arab immigrant.
Not, God forbid, that this was a motivating factor all a long.
I can guarantee you that if we have, God forbid, a suicide bomber in a big city in the United States, 'shoot to kill' will be the inevitable policy," predicts Miami Police Chief John F.
God forbid Coach Houston Nutt and Frank Broyles pay car sales taxes like the rest of taxpaying citizens.
So if you go from Red Hat to Suse or, God forbid, Suse to Red Hat, it's not that difficult--not like the .
No not the Atkins, weight-watchers or God forbid a booze-free programme.
Please place in the hearts of the homeowners that they should not build, God forbid, for these people, and strengthen their hearts so that they can withstand this difficult test and so that they will not sell for the lure of money.
Zack, a South African visitor, puts it succinctly: "Do the locals honestly expect the typical tourist, being here for merely a few weeks, to learn to order food in Japanese, understand the Japanese train announcements, read museum writing in hiragana and, God forbid, kanji?
And if, God forbid, the market goes down, I won't dive and hit the concrete.
But god forbid someone in their diverse newsroom has a diverse view about how the news ought to be presented.
God forbid, a high proportion of that turnover could have gone to William Hills?