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Poking fun at the president - and even, God forbid, disagreeing with him - is an inalienable right in this country.
Had some foolish soul bad-mouthed Allen's team or, god forbid, his family?
Nowhere does it say that the Supreme Court may ban the mention of God, or Jesus, or, God forbid, Christmas.
God forbid we get a Tory, or even Lib Dem, government.
God forbid she got mixed up between colonic irrigation and collagen injections.
I am going back and forth between characters and the mental shift and to put the emotion behind and then flip into another character - I mean, God forbid there's an argument.
God forbid the reader should ever face an earthquake, gang shooting, plane hijacking, or other hazard common to our time.
If, God forbid, jurors get assigned to an intellectual-property case, or worse, a class-action asbestos suit, they might as well quit their jobs, cancel their vacations, and consign themselves to lives of service.
And, God forbid, what would happen in employees were given Aids or hepatitis if they were attacked by a claimant with a dirty needle?
Because Wembley is in London and God forbid that a stadium of national importance should be built out in the sticks.
But God forbid that sustainability never forms a significant part of every student's education.
We do not provide soap in the showers because, God forbid, someone might slip," explains Tony Gleeson, vice-president of the clubhouse at Pembroke Pines.