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Returning to Lewis' quote in Shadowlands, prayer neither changes what God knows, nor does it change what God does.
Kim's latest missile test is just another example of his disregard for his own people's safety in the name of God knows what.
I feel very confident in the love that we have for each other, and only God knows where it's going to go," she(http://pagesix.
If you're going to ask me how sure are we that bombings wouldn't happen in Metro Manila, only God knows,' Dela Rosa told reporters at Camp Crame.
I didn't really want to go, I wasn't all that brave I'll never know why I had to go, to a foreign grave I did my duty, so they say, but they really didn't know When it came down to it, nobody wanted to go Never again and never no more my friend Let this be the last, let this be the end These politicians that sent us to God knows, where Just to leave us stranded, without a bloody prayer I hope they are happy as they lie in their cosy bed Because thousands upon thousands of their country men are dead B Doran, West Derby Village
God knows what is happening with us, even if we try to keep it hidden.
Instead of converting the sport centre's swimming pool area into what would be one of the biggest gymnastics sports centres, with the seating already in place, they want to hold God knows how many committee meetings, with God knows how many organisations to find a use for the space.
GAZyANTEP (CyHAN)- Robert Ford, Former US Ambassador to Damascus Thursday said that only God knows when Assad regime would be gone.
A Word About Drones Every month, God knows how many people are killed in the name of the US in any of several countries, and God knows how many of these people were actually militants.
No last farewells were spoken, you never said goodbye, you were gone before we knew it and only God knows why.
Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death's construction (War Pigs) Big black shape with eyes of fire Telling people their desire Satan's sitting there, he's smiling Watches those flames get higher and higher (Black Sabbath) God knows as your dog knows Bog blast all of you Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Nothing more to do (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) Good life is contradiction Because of the crucifixion If you're ready and have the need I will take your soul and plant my seed (Disturbing the Priest) From the spirit runs poison, and the wheel of Fortune is ever still, Sweeter than the light, the darkness of your soul, Immaculate deception (Immaculate Deception)
God knows our needs better than we know them ourselves.