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124) But if this content could appear "in manifold sensory ways,"(125) God incarnate could appear as any suitable person,(126) and the principle of universal incarnation is clearly implied; an individual appearance would only be the accidental occasion for the universal truth of divine-human unity to first appear.
Even (liberal) Christian theologians argue that Jesus never claimed to be God incarnate.
For Calvin, Christ as God incarnate is both "Cosmic Mediator" and "Redemptive Mediator," i.
She may have thought he would be the Messiah or the deliverer of Israel, or even the ruler of Israel, but to even imagine Jesus was God incarnate was more than anyone at the time could comprehend.
And finally, in Mark, we learn that even the unclean spirits know this God incarnate.
Rabjohns argued that Christ as God incarnate was male, and had chosen only male apostles.
Before he was worshiped as God incarnate, how did Jesus struggle to incarnate God?
Beginning in the late 1970's when The Myth of God Incarnate (12) was published, there has been a stream of continuous publications exploring the meaning of the incarnation and its continued feasibility in the modern context.
Child of Our Dreams," one of my compositions, was intended to offer a more realistic image of Jesus as God incarnate, sharing all our hopes and fears.
But for people to strengthen their faith in God and to know that He not only exists in reality but also hears their prayers and is ready to come to their aid, the Father sent His Only-Begotten Son who became God incarnate and revealed to us His invisible Father.
Ethiopia was formerly Abyssinia - at one time it encompassed parts of Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia and Djibouti - and was home to the Rastafarian religion which saw Selassie as God incarnate and Africa (called Zion in song) as the birthplace of mankind.