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The belief in Jesus as God incarnate is hugely important in Christian teaching.
First, as God incarnate in Jesus reveals God's solidarity with human brokenness and pain, so Christian participation in the mission of God means "passionate involvement in human suffering.
First, I put my full faith and trust in the Sovereign Creator of the universe, who is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore: Christ, God incarnate, who always is faithful to those who have faith in Him.
How could they forget that this humble human being, God incarnate and crucified for all.
As Michael D settles into the Aras, the Republic of Ireland manager was forced to deny, albeit it tongue-in-cheek, that he was God incarnate because his decision to select Jon Walters had paid off handsomely in their 4-0 victory against Estonia.
Euthyphro and the Goodness of God Incarnate, ROBIN LE POLDEVIN
A "cosmic christology," a more expansive understanding of Christ, is about relationship: God in relationship to us and us in relationship to God incarnate.
Given that Jesus was God Incarnate, it follows that (given the initial plausibility of this teaching) what he taught about God and morality is true: it would have been wrong to teach false doctrines on these matters and God would have become incarnate in such a way as not to allow him to do wrong.
173-244), truly human, truly God incarnate, by "faith in Christ's penal, substitutionary self-sacrifice" (p.
In 1976, he and a number of other senior Christian theologians published a collection of essays called The Myth of God Incarnate.
In a few places, DiPasquale seems to rely on shock appeal to carry a point, as when she claims that Lanyer's "passionate lines urge the addressee to direct all her erotic desire toward a God incarnate in flesh that is gloriously, specifically male, a God whose freely flowing blood is the ultimate ejaculation" (172).
He addresses the humanizing of Jewish Law by Jesus, which Jesus had every right to do if He was God incarnate.