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I said to myself goddammit, I can 't write this poem.
Because, goddammit, those weren't the worst betrayals, were they?
While city councils in both Toronto and Calgary have OK'd their use, there is at least one city in our land that understands, goddammit, that ours is a Judeo-Christian country.
Yes, they'd say, he's dodgy on labor and this and that, but he's progressive on such-and-such and he's very charismatic and goddammit, we have to win this time.
Nathan Bedford Forrest: "I tole you twicet, Goddammit, NO.
Get a rescue unit, goddammit,'' he yelled at a 911 dispatcher.
I'm almost positive [that] at the time [I thought] goddammit, this shit, why I gotta go now?
Goddammit, everything looks sickly to a fat bastard like you, Grout
On perjury rather than profanity as "misuse of God's name," we must concede that cusswords such as goddammit really say nothing at all about God but only about the speaker's emotions.
amp; goddammit all if that ain't always the way-- cats like C.