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A passenger first spotted him going overboard on Friday morning as the ship sailed towards Cozumel, Mexico.
He said: "Police were contacted this morning at approximately 7am in relation to a report of a person going overboard from the Oceana shortly before docking at Southampton.
That's definitely going overboard," Terry Riley, executive director of Hampton Roads Technology Council, told the Virginian-Pilot.
Some comment letters suggested that in our effort to eliminate certain disclosures, we were going overboard, so those provisions have been renstated in the final statement.
Unfortunately, dancers often get into trouble by going overboard.
Michaela Draganska, associate professor of marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has found that while variety does have a positive impact on brand choice, some companies, especially those with well-known brands, are going overboard and would be better off offering consumers fewer brand choices.
Added injured outfielder Tim Salmon: ``It sounds like he's going overboard to make his point.
WITHOUT going overboard, the form of Li Tie has been a pleasant surprise.