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Police were alerted at 7am yesterday with reports of the woman going overboard from the Oceana cruise liner as it approached Southampton, Hants.
A passenger first spotted him going overboard on Friday morning as the ship sailed towards Cozumel, Mexico.
His solid performance kept Marilyn Monroe from going overboard in ``River of No Return,'' and he found equal amounts of humor, dignity and tragedy in the alcoholic sheriff of Howard Hawks' last great masterpiece, ``El Dorado.
Fishermen risk going overboard and have little job security.
If you're looking to cater to your pet without going overboard, get a new leash on life with these latest pet products.
What can I do to prepare for the increased traffic (without going overboard and wasting time and money)?
One of the highlights of her performance came when she sang Free's ``All Right Now,'' exuding just the right kind of sexy rocker chick attitude without going overboard for her young audience.
With ice floes, whales, rogue waves, oppressive heat and cold and the constant threat of going overboard, the ``sprints'' certainly did not make for an easy trip.
This colorful site, complete with its big band swing sound playing in the background, captures the excitement of casino gambling without going overboard on the bells and whistles.
It's a hard-edged family film about faith and fantasy, death and materialism, and the movie's ambitions and complexities more than compensate for Boyle's penchant for going overboard on CGI flights of fancy.
HUGH Grant really seems to be going overboard for Jemima Khan during their sunshine break in Barbados.
Most families have one: despite setting a spending limit for gifts, there is always one person who ends up going overboard.