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While in the case of heart attack, an attendant or rescuer has the golden hour to take the patient to a hospital, in the case of cardiac arrest, one has got precious, golden seconds.
The use of body-worn cameras will provide an incredibly intimate insight into the crucial golden hour of a murder inquiry as we follow the team's race against the clock to catch the killer.
The Police trainees have gone through different practical of life saving skills like Golden Hour Management, Foreign Body Airway Obstructions (FBAO) Management, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Electric Shock, Snake Bite, Burn Injuries, Fracture Management, Wound Management, Rescue Techniques, Evacuation procedures and shifting protocol of injured victims.
In developing countries alone, early initiation of breast-feeding in the golden hour can save as many as 1.
The medical profession calls it the golden hour, when the decisions made could be the difference between life and death.
Changes can be made at the various bottlenecks identified in this study to mitigate the delay that potentially adversely affects morbidity and mortality, and so achieve optimal use of the golden hour.
Medics, A&E and The Golden Hour have come and gone, but as Monroe touched a chord with millions last year, there's a chance James Nesbitt's series could run and run.
I now think of the golden hour as the time it takes social media to create either an empowering truth or an unstoppable lie, when a celebrity death trends on Twitter or an explosive video surfaces on YouTube.
CDATA[ The Shomron residents just canat make the best use of that golden hour that is the window during which a seriously wounded person must get medical care, due to their great distance from any hospital.
It is critical that the patient be attended to within one to three hours, or the Golden Hour in order to reverse the damage.
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