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Cllr Dodd, who has spent three years on the county's air ambulance service, said: "I know from first hand experience what a difference these machines make, especially in major traumas where a patient has what we call a golden hour and if they get to theatre within that hour their chances of survival are much improved"
There's an axiom in trauma medicine called 'the golden hour,' an equation that shows the longer it takes you to get to someone, the greater the chance of their succumbing.
That costs a lot of money to have those people standing there to save lives in the golden hour.
And the Golden Hour on this morning's Simon Mayo show will be devoted to the Beatles.
Wales rugby star James Hook yesterday proved he was a chip off the old block as he kicked off the Golden Hour Challenge, the national campaign to highlight and raise money for the Wales Air Ambulance service.
The Golden Hour has so many bad flashbacks, it's like Casualty on LSD.
A lot of this golden hour is spent in transporting patients to hospitals,'' he said.
We talk about the golden hour of getting care for someone in critical condition,'' Bamattre said.
So hopefully I will be keeping the Golden Hour and I would fight to keep the 60-Second Quiz.
Nicole cooke maintained her supremacy at the women's World Cup yesterday when she led her Univega-Raleigh team to a two-second victory at the Golden Hour time trial in Denmark.
Anyone interested in more information on the Golden Hour awards honoring Pascal should call Joan Geisbush at (818) 368-0991.
The golden hour started a little after twenty to three.