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But we have decided that it will be much more sensible to be good friends in the future.
Now we shall charge you nothing on our own account; but suffer us to make use of this in aiding my good friend.
Thus having settled their accounts, they shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives.
So Martin drank, in his easy way, to show that he was good friends with the house, and then went supperless to bed.
Then all of our contemporaries worth knowing follow suit, of course: we're very good friends at games and all that, but not a soul of them but you and Arthur ever tried to break through the crust, and see whether there was anything at the bottom of me; and then the bad ones I won't stand and they know that.
I must own,' returned the dressmaker, with her eyes upon her work, 'that we are not good friends at present.
Poor little Hans was very anxious to go and work in his garden, for his flowers had not been watered for two days, but he did not like to refuse the Miller, as he was such a good friend to him.
Whether it had occurred to his good friend, that Society might not unreasonably hope that one so blest in his undertakings, and whose example on his pedestal was so influential with it, would shed a little money in the direction of a mission or so to Africa?
I assure you, my good friend, I have more money than I can ever need; far more than a man at my age can ever live to spend,' said Mr.
You have always been a very good friend to me, Mr Varden,' he said, as they stood without, in the porch, and the locksmith was equipping himself for his journey home; 'I take it very kind of you to say all this, but the time's nearly come when the Maypole and I must part company.
This morning has brought with it a note from our good friend and neighbor at Belhelvie.
My great and good friend, I hear that you are going to show us your navy, in order to impress us with a sense of your power.