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Good Riddance was getting ready to record at the Blasting Room, which is Bill's studio, in January of 2003, and I was on the phone with Bill making sure that we were going to get picked up at the airport on time.
Good Riddance has been meticulously researched, has copious chapter notes, is well illustrated and is well captioned.
CINCINNATI -- Cintas Corporation today announced that Adam Ingber, a Long Beach, New York father affected by Hurricane Sandy, is the winner of its Good Riddance Day Contest.
CORRIE finally bidding good riddance to hubby-beater Kirsty.
New York, Dec 29 (ANI): A huge number of New Yorkers were seen celebrating Good Riddance Day in Times Square by putting bad memories of 2009 in the shredder.
GOOD riddance to two of the many eyesores which have blighted Rhyl over the years.
Green Day's Good Riddance is the highlight of this indistinct, missed opportunity of an album.
A big warm welcome to the new Wembley, and a big fat goodbye and good riddance to the anti-social fans.
With DeLay's departure from Congress, I say good riddance to bad rubbish.
So good riddance and I hope you never set foot in our country again.
As the UN closed its Rwandan "peacekeeping" mission in 1996, an angry crowd gathered outside its office in Kigali to wish it good riddance.
GOOD riddance to the Lycra jackets, which Monmore has now discarded.