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Good Riddance was getting ready to record at the Blasting Room, which is Bill's studio, in January of 2003, and I was on the phone with Bill making sure that we were going to get picked up at the airport on time.
I am sure Good Riddance will be purchased by local authorities all over Australia as a pointer to best practice in the area.
On the day fast food dies, says Martins, "We will raise a glass of organic wine and say good riddance.
Good riddance, Mike; it's back to the golf course and corporate--perk--heaven for you.
Does that mean good riddance to his former ambition to conceptualize his work?
Martin Pawley, swashbuckling as usual, announces that capital-A Architecture has already gone down the tube, and good riddance.
THERE will be few who will not say good riddance to crimelord John Gilligan.
CORRIE finally bidding good riddance to hubby-beater Kirsty.
Thousands of these barefaced cheats have failed to turn up for interview, and good riddance.
GOOD riddance to two of the many eyesores which have blighted Rhyl over the years.
A big warm welcome to the new Wembley, and a big fat goodbye and good riddance to the anti-social fans.