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We must not bail them out a second time and if some of the banks want to move elsewhere, good riddance to them.
ANNE ROBINSON: She's finally leaving the Weakest Link - goodbye and good riddance. We've never forgiven her for criticising us Welsh on Room 101.
From the opening notes of 21st Century Breakdown to Billie Joe's closing Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) it's a barnstormer.
Dear Editor, A number of disgraced MPs are standing down at the General Election and good riddance to them.
GREAT Britain's track cyclists returned to competitive racing yesterday for the first time since the Olympics to be told it was time to say "good riddance" to the glories of Beijing.
Rack for his very fine article in support of the separation of church and state ("Goodbye Christendom--And Good Riddance!: A Pastor's Reflection On Church And State," November Church & State).
Along with her witty descriptions of quotidian urban rudeness, Lynne repeatedly states her firm belief that "[t]he era of the manners book has simply passed." But instead of bemoaning that development, she proclaims good riddance. Etiquette is outmoded, she insists, a vestigial remnant of the class-conscious past.
Some say, "good riddance," dismissing school boards as yet another mechanism by which teacher unions and other organized interest groups exert undue influence over the nation's schools.
Through a series of circumstances, Good Riddance's lead singer, Russ Rankin, figured it would be better to start anew.
Pauline Curby and Virginia Macleod, Good Riddance. A history of waste management in Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah, Joint Services Committee of Warringah, Manly, Mosman and Pittwater Councils, 2003, 224 pages; ISBN 0 64642 791 1.