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Every team needs good team players, people who work for the good of the team, who like to build consensus and who excel in supporting others.
In an individualistic country, a good team player is expected to focus on his or her area of responsibilities.
A good team player participates in the team based upon their own belief systems, yet with their focus on the team's mission or agenda," adds Wingate Sligh.
NBS has eight consulting psychiatrists who serve as guidance counselors, and the skills that they teach are perhaps the most vital to achieving career success and personal satisfaction: being responsible, understanding integrity, being a good communicator, being a good team player while pursuing individual dreams, and understanding the pitfalls of being a perfectionist, a common characteristic among ballet staff and students around the world.
Rather, the problem was her inability to act as a good team player.
I said that to be a good team player we must be willing to place our personal interests second to those of the team, to bend a little.
The challenge for Toby is to become a good team player.
I think he will prove to be a very good team player for us.
If you are a good team player with experience of corporate governance, dealing with strategic issues and have good leadership and communication skills, why not take a look at the application pack.
Lewis Stevenson 6 Makeshift full back but good team player.
He feels he can bring experience and being a good team player to the squad.