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Every team needs good team players, people who work for the good of the team, who like to build consensus and who excel in supporting others.
Now, follow these five do's and don'ts to become the player--the "good team player"--that will help you to help the team do its best.
What makes a good team player? Team players put the interests of the team above their own personal interests.
He shared the skills and behaviours he must demonstrate to be a good team player and captain, such as being ready, and linked these to positive attributes children show at school.
man, I'm stronger, bigger and I just want to be a good team player and help (running backs) Tarik (Cohen) and Jordan (Howard) and Benny (Cunningham) and those guys get a little space."
Moyes believes the 30-year-old - on loan from Manchester City - being a good team player will also count in his favour if he is not No.1 choice in Russia.
And he's a good team player so I'm happy to see him back," he added.
"He's a versatile striker, not a one-trick pony and he's a good team player. He might not get stacks of goals but he contributes in many ways."
"Connor's a very level-headed lad, a gifted individual but also a good team player."
"The challenge for Toby is to become a good team player. The first thing for him is to get on the team sheet," said former Wales flanker Jones.
And like any good team player, we can supplement specific skills which may not be available within small in-house teams.