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Every team needs good team players, people who work for the good of the team, who like to build consensus and who excel in supporting others.
A good team player proactively communicates with team members about the status of their work and any changes in it.
Good team players are sensitive to the needs of the people around them.
What was most critical was that Paul was a very good team player.
He's really stepped up and been a good team player, especially with the younger guys.
He's a clever player, he's got the desire to win, he works hard, he can make goals, score goals and he's also a very good team player.
On the day he was not a good team player, though he was still dangerous.
Davy is a good team player and that is just what you want.
He has been a seriously good team player and an absolute pleasure to work with.
He was utterly reliable and therefore a good team player both on and off the field.
You need to be a good team player and be physically fit as this is a very active job involving lots of walking and outdoor work in all weathers.
Brian is a good passer of the ball, a good team player.