Clear Title

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Clear Title

Unencumbered or unrestricted legal ownership that is free from doubt as to its validity.

The phrase implies that ownership is not subject to claims by anyone but the person holding title. It is also called marketable title, or title that can be easily transferred or sold because of its lack of encumbrances.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

clear title

n. holding ownership of real property without any claims by others on the owner's title and no history of past claims which might affect the ownership. (See: cloud on title)

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References in classic literature ?
The arrest of my unfortunate brother forms no such good title to the high office of Chancellor, as thy chivalrous and courageous denial establishes in thee to the truncheon of High Marshal.
Miss Squeers had brought it about, by aspiring to the high state and condition of being matrimonially engaged, without good grounds for so doing; Miss Price had brought it about, by indulging in three motives of action: first, a desire to punish her friend for laying claim to a rivalship in dignity, having no good title: secondly, the gratification of her own vanity, in receiving the compliments of a smart young man: and thirdly, a wish to convince the corn-factor of the great danger he ran, in deferring the celebration of their expected nuptials; while Nicholas had brought it about, by half an hour's gaiety and thoughtlessness, and a very sincere desire to avoid the imputation of inclining at all to Miss Squeers.
But your first one is rather a good title," she added, looking at Irais and drawing out her note-book.
"And titles, even really good titles that are derivative, never seem to do as well as innovations that are unexpected."
'We wanted to share the joy of reading and some really good titles that my former partners and I had handpicked,' he added.
As with all good titles in this genre it revolves around you building an empire very slowly from humble beginnings.
Librarians and teachers have more good titles to recommend to parents and children.
We know there's going to be a longer tail for that business and still pretty good titles going to be released for those formats, so we're really happy about that.
Stories about young people frequently make for good titles, including: "The like-y' know wow faith of teenage Catholics" (April 1982), "The birds and the bees give mom the hives" (September 1984), and "Elimi-dated: Why can't the church and young singles hook up?" (February 2003).
There are some days when it seems almost criminal to step out into the blistering heat and with this weekend looking like yet another scorcher, invest in a few good titles and make it a movie night.
Rating:4/10 - Deadweight Silent Hill Origins (Konami, PS2, pounds 29.99) IT'S a relief whenever good titles appear on the PS2.
"You need really good titles, with a strong concept and a good director, and a theatrical release in the U.S."