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This seems to imply that Luther did not believe God created evil, but on the other hand, foundational to Luther's theology is the idea that "God works life and death, good and evil, everything in everything.
Narnia is a world much like our own, in that the struggle for power between good and evil demands that everyone must eventually pick a side.
Attention should be drawn to this mission as it will lead to the confrontation between the forces of good and evil by establishing a link with Sophy (Crompton 112).
Plutarch of Chaeroneia or Numenius) also succumbed to this belief in two independent powers, good and evil.
There's a war going on in America, between right and wrong, between good and evil, between those that want to deprive us of the acknowledgment of God and those, like you, who will stand up and fight for Him," Moore said.
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books, Rowling's books resonate with suspense, mystery, intrigue, and showdowns between the forces of good and evil.
They show how a zealous response to national realities depends on a mm&set conditioned to leadership by mythical super heroes, stereotypes of good and evil and an apocalyptic vision with millennial expectations, which, from the biblical evidence, contains the seeds of its own destruction.
The political struggle against our enemies is therefore part and parcel of the cosmic struggle between the forces of good and evil.
What was this weight of good and evil inside my hands?
Asian philosophy emphasizes the tension between two forces, good and evil.