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There's no good argument for having a mayor who cannot get things done.
To hear a good argument, whether in private or on the radio, should enable us to check out our own views.
When asked by New Woman magazine what she looks for in a man, Kiera, 22, replied: "Someone who's going to make me laugh a lot, and with whom I can have a damn good argument.
There is a good argument for the banning of smoking in public buildings and on public transport, but nobody is compelled to go to a pub or a club, and I would rather put up with second-hand smoke than to foster another army of publicly funded, mischief making snoopers.
Sidhu et al made a good argument to explain how ectopic thyroid tissue can come to lie within a branchial cyst.
But he does believe there is a good argument to be made for testing more employees.
To be sure, there was a good argument for reform back then, in that state delegations were often selected and controlled by political bosses.
While they start out with a good argument for why AVEs are not accurate, they then propose a variation, suggesting that you divide the ad value by a number that reflects the overall favorability of the article.
The veteran Democrat would be a good argument against term limits.
I don't think there is any good argument for outing a closeted politician who supports gay rights.
I think that there's a very good argument to be made that OFAC'S regulations, and the manner in which they've been implemented through these rulings, constitute an impermissible prior restraint of publication," says Allan Adler, vice president of legal affairs for the Association of American Publishers.
That it may all be reorganized by fresh curators with a new world-view seems no bad thing, and is a good argument for the kind of general-purpose loose-fit attitude taken by the architects.