Good consideration

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GOOD CONSIDERATION, contracts. A good consideration is one which flows from kindred or natural love and affection alone, and is not of a pecuniary.nature. Vin. Ab. Consideration, B; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 613. Vide Consideration.

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I think you have good consideration for a person or not.
If the asset was alienated for good consideration, the defendant will have to return what he received in return of the alienation.
Executives and employees will decide individually and have been requested to give their own interests good consideration.
There is good consideration afforded to the investigative skills that are required for each specific crime prior to allocation.
Earlier it was an asset-based (strategy) but now we are giving good consideration to MandA," Narendra K Verma, managing director of OVL, told the Reuters Global Commodities Summit.
When deciding about the housing issue, one should make a good consideration of the finances", Stavreski underlined.
2 is a good consideration for people looking for an alternative to Apple's iPad.
Likely, you will need some assistance making the calculation, but the main thing to understand is that you should not let a policy lapse without good consideration.
We gave it very good consideration for 2011, and then at the end of last year when Prince Khalid decided to keep him in training this became the major objective.
He also submitted that age is a good consideration for leniency.
He also submitted that "age is a good consideration for leniency".
In other words, an act shall not be a good consideration for a promise unless it is done at the desire of the promisor.