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Boloutas then instructed her to prepare the financial statements "in a certain manner" -- omitting any impairment of the bank's Greek debt holdings or goodwill writedown.
The bank also reported goodwill writedowns of EUR392m in the quarter.
3 billion fourth-quarter loss due to goodwill writedowns in its Internet Services Division, established the site with NBCUniversal, then a unit of General Electric Co.
The vessels cost the company Dh38 million in operating losses, goodwill writedowns of Dh36.
Nearly pounds 200 million in exceptional costs, including goodwill writedowns, led to pre-tax losses of pounds 191.
Profits were eaten up by goodwill writedowns and one-off costs totalling almost pounds 107m, after the group reassessed the value of some of the businesses it had bought in recent years downwards.
RWE said it expected the deal to have a positive impact on earnings per share before goodwill writedowns in the first full year of consolidation.
On the bottom line, we expect Severstal to post net income of $91 mln (up 38% QoQ), which could be significantly affected by one-offs, including forex losses and goodwill writedowns at overseas assets.
The result was burdened by charges of SEK160m related to divested operations and to goodwill writedowns.
After exceptional items, goodwill writedowns and a pounds 16 million hit from adverse currency exchanges, the group pretax loss came in at pounds 24 million compared withpounds 69 million in the same quarter last year, a reduction of 65 per cent.
Bottom-line losses also narrowed to pounds 25m from pounds 41m a year earlier because of fewer goodwill writedowns than a year earlier.