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I hope wiser legal counsel to the mayor will prevail," Gora adds.
Production of the first gold at Belaya Gora is scheduled for Apr 2013.
We will be teaching the children some techniques and small tricks," says Gora.
All in all our trip to Kranjska Gora was the perfect family holiday, and we'd all go back in a heartbeat.
30am Alpine Skiing World Cup, men's slalom, Kranjska Gora (Eurosport2)
A dramatic change Kranjska Gora - surrounded by wooded mountains and dominated by the towering peaks of Mount Razor (8,500ft) and Mount Prisank (8,350ft) - was just waking up after the end of the ski-ing season.
The project, awarded by the Zielona Gora city authority for sport and recreation, comprises the building of a 8,200-square metre sports centre and an 11,240-square metre swimming centre.
Mr Gora registered for work with Key Personnel and has been placed by the agency with a number of employers since, including a 17-month stint working for Centro in a data entry role.
Gandhi As We Have Known Him by Gora Lavanam and Mark Lindley (New Delhi, India: National Gandhi Museum, 2005); 301 pp.