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Sting, real name Gordon Sumner, received a Variety Club Silver Heart for his "outstanding contribution to the world of music and his work with world conservation charities".
Frances, who starred in hit movie The Field with Richard Harris, was pregnant with their second child, Kate, when she discovered her love-cheat husband - real name Gordon Sumner - was having an affair with Trudie.
Gordon Sumner, better known as Sting, and one of the most successful rock stars in the world, admitted he was 'surprised and flattered' by his CBE.
Fellow Tynesiders, Gordon Sumner - better known as Sting - and Declan Donnelly are among the school's other alumni.
Sting, who will be 62 in October, was born Gordon Sumner in Wallsend, a milkman's son, and left the North East as a young man to pursue the musical career which brought him fame and fortune with band The Police and later as a solo artist.
Property records show Sting - using his real name Gordon Sumner - closed the deal on the 16th-floor, 5,500sq ft condominium apartment on March 11.
a Gordon Sumner is adamant he doesn't need the acceptance of others to be happy, despite having a career based on people liking his music.
Sting, real name Gordon Sumner, said: "People reacted to The Police coming back as if mum and dad had got together, you could see that emotion in the audience.
The answer may not be as difficult as String Theory, but perhaps it is not as easy as it would be for Gordon Sumner to sing Happy Birthday.
Also I'm recording Celebrity Mastermind tomorrow and Gordon Sumner is my chosen subject.
Just pounds 4Sting: Demolition Man by ChristopherSandford: The remarkable tale of Gordon Sumner and his alter ego, Sting.
And talking of singers, Gordon Sumner - aka Sting - may fancy a return to his native North-east to manage Boro with every breath he takes.