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He covers the pre-Pauline Easter Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus, the Pauline Gospel, the survival of the Jesus traditions before Mark, the gospel in the Gospel According to Mark, the other canonical gospels, and early Christian literature and canonization.
Keith Bartlett, Lindisfarne Gospels Durham programme director, recently visited the original birthplace of the book to mark the important role Lindisfarne Priory will play in the region's celebrations this summer.
Believed to have been written in Italy in the sixth century and presented by Pope Gregory the Great to St Augustine for his mission to England in 597 AD, these gospels are considered to be the oldest surviving Latin Illustrated gospels.
The manuscript, also known as the Lichfield Gospels, the Book of Chad and the St Teilo Gospels, contains the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, and the early part of the Gospel of Luke.
The Cathedral's Canon Chancellor, the Reverend Dr Pete Wilcox, said: "The Book of Kells dates from about the year 800; the St Chad Gospels date from about 70 years before that.
Section 1 treats standard issues such as the nature of a Gospel, the fourfold collection, the canonical matrix, and the relation of the Gospels to the historical Jesus.
Without complete argumentation, she says that Gospels are intended as a type of biography or biographic narrative with an emphasis on Jesus' death and resurrection.
The temple authorities, as the gospels collectively refer to them, were not religious leaders so much as political actors willing to benefit from their nation's oppressors.
I know that this book by Maria Valtorta is not inspired by the Holy Spirit as the Gospels are, but I feel that there is more truth in Valtorta's book than in the Gospel of Judas.
Now in an updated second edition, Jesus on Trial: A Study of the Gospels is a classic study of the trial of Jesus as related by the Gospels.
The Gospel of Judas and other recently discovered gospels demonstrate "how diverse and fascinating the early Christian movement really was," remarks religion professor Elaine Pagels of Princeton University.