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As the Big 4/5 resigned from local government audits, where did the governments go to find their auditors?
A government audit may have a delayed impact on government corruption.
Beyond the obvious, one additional problem with a targeted government audit is that governmental investigative authorities tend to swarm once wrongdoing in the private sector has been established, and this will compound the initial problem greatly,
However, she also noted that, should the legislation be enacted, many IPAs will no longer be willing to do state and local government audits for a variety of reasons.
Again like its predecessor, the 1994 revision sets forth four general standards for the conduct of government audits.
Purchasers of government audit services will be able to identify participating firms through the center's Web site.
There's no getting around it, government audits can be a pain in the neck.
The types of government audits are classified as financial and performance audits.
We are confident that she will be able to provide practical solutions to streamline state and local government audits on the AICPA's behalf.
on financial control and internal audit and on amendments to certain laws, as amended (hereinafter the Law on inspection and audit) to ensure the effective exercise of government audits through an entity that is professional, personal and material conditions for the exercise of government audit.
The only clouds on the SBA's performance record arose from government audits reported earlier this year.
In certain government audits, a signed contract may serve as proper documentation.

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