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Not only is any government act of censorship inherently rights-violating and therefore immoral; government censorship tends to restrict critical commentary about government, thereby virtually ensuring the slide into full-bore totalitarianism.
Among Filipinos, 80 percent of those surveyed say "it is important that people have access to the Internet without government censorship.
The Kazak law, which redesignates internet resources as media outlets and treats them accordingly, is officially intended to stop criminal activity, hate speech and pornography, but critics decry it as a form of government censorship.
Newspaper Guild President Bernie Lunzer the vetting undermines the news media's "core value, the ability to report the truth objectively and without government censorship.
Alternating between historical overviews; individual case studies of artists; and analyses of aesthetic trends in popular art, late modernist art, and photography, he argues that the development of an oppositional, nonracial aesthetic practice in South Africa helped revolutionize the idea of community and develop novel forms of everyday resistance to government censorship and racial discrimination in a manner that shows artists leading in directions that most politicians and activists would only catch up with much later.
lt;p>Social media has proved key in helping people communicate and get around government censorship and Google noted the service could be used to translate "Persian into English and from English into Persian -- whether it's a news story, a website, a blog, an email, a tweet or a Facebook message.
Cryptohippie clarifies that its rankings, released every year, do not measure government censorship of Internet traffic or police abuses, "as legitimate as these issues may be.
Anonymity and the lack of government censorship making blogging for many young women an ideal means to communicate, debate and express views.
Veteran journalist Sir Sidahmed said government censorship is a thing of the past due to the Internet.
This machine allows anyone to watch anything they choose to with no interference, password protection or government censorship.
Large amounts of information or knowledge, (1) which could be used to improve the lives of billions of people by improving economic decisions, are being systematically suppressed and destroyed by government censorship that is supported enthusiastically by many who claim to be outraged by government censorship of any type.
The primary purpose of this Essay is to criticize Robert Bork's advocacy of government censorship of American culture.

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