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An individual's right to receive a value or benefit provided by law.

Commonly recognized entitlements are benefits, such as those provided by Social Security or Workers' Compensation.

See: birthright, certification, charter, consent, droit, due, fitness, freedom, license, privilege, qualification, right, sanction, title
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Special Needs Trusts/Supplemental Needs Trusts are intended to supplement rather than supplant government entitlement program benefits.
It is modeled after the The Permanent Republican Committee of Sore Losers to Impeach Clinton that believed the Presidency is a government entitlement program for Republicans and are still really steamed by the impertinent election of Bill Clinton.
As with the Permanent Republican Committee of Sore Losers to Impeach Clinton, who believe the presidency is their own government entitlement program and are still steamed by the impertinent election of Bill Clinton, the aim of PSCTIB[TM] is simple: dogged, nagging contrarianism.
If you have MS, it pays to know the basics about health insurance and about government entitlement programs so you can successfully protect your own interests.
The seduction of considering Medicare funds as just another big government entitlement trough at which to feed unnoticed is not too hard to accept.
This would allow them to become eligible for Medicaid--the government entitlement program that provides health care funds to financially strapped people.
During the nine months she received a monthly payment from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), the government entitlement check that most people associate with welfare, she was able to count out $268.
Whatever happens, neither lawmakers nor the Administration will be able to duck solvency issues confronting Government entitlement programs much longer.
Their effects on students are not always easy to measure, but they can mean the difference between productive independence and an isolated, lonely existence living on government entitlement payments.
Perhaps because they're too wedded to government entitlement programs that the tax cuts might jeopardize.
At the same time, their parents must often resort to legalistic trickery in order to provide financial resources for their heirs without endangering their children's eligibility for the benefits of government entitlement programs for health care or other kinds of assistance.
The massive cost of government entitlement programs and the cost of their own employee compensation and benefits are hidden from taxpayers.

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