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An individual's right to receive a value or benefit provided by law.

Commonly recognized entitlements are benefits, such as those provided by Social Security or Workers' Compensation.

See: birthright, certification, charter, consent, droit, due, fitness, freedom, license, privilege, qualification, right, sanction, title
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At the same time, their parents must often resort to legalistic trickery in order to provide financial resources for their heirs without endangering their children's eligibility for the benefits of government entitlement programs for health care or other kinds of assistance.
Government entitlement programs were seen as the main budget buster, he said, and health care as the most out-of-control entitlement program.
Bush said government entitlement programs that haven't met goals would be among those that would be cut to help control government spending.
The Health Care Financing Administration recently reported that 41% of all out-of-pocket spending on nursing home care is really a "spend-through" of Social Security benefits, another government entitlement, rather than a "spend-down" of private assets.
1-800-854-1418; Government Entitlement Services, 313-350-8250; or the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives, 1-800-431-2804.
What we do for them is not a government entitlement or government bailout.
I saw how they love their government entitlement programs - Social Security and Medicare benefits - and I figure that they are just like me, they like small government for the rest of the country, but not necessarily in their individual lives.
It isn't an insurance program or a government entitlement.
Right now, Medicare Part D relies on genuine market price negotiations and is one of the few success stories in the history of government entitlement programs.
This health care safety net could be a government entitlement program covering basic preventive services and routine care.
The biggest federal government entitlement programs are now Medicare and Social Security.
It seems more than a little absurd to me to ask those of us who earn less than $80,000 per year to subsidize this expansion of government entitlement for middle-class citizens.

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