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noun allotment, allowance, backing, bounty, contribution, gift, grant, grant-in-aid, stipend, subsistence, subvention
Associated concepts: government subsidy
See also: aid, alimony, annuity, assistance, benefit, commission, consideration, contribution, donation, endowment, fee, grant, help, loan, maintenance, payment, pension, perquisite, recompense

SUBSIDY, Eng. law. An aid, tax or tribute granted by parliament to the king for the urgent occasions of the kingdom, to be levied on every subject of ability, according to the value of his lands or goods. Jacob's Law. Dict. h.t.
     2. The assistance given in money by one nation to another to enable it the better to carry on a war, when such nation does not join directly in the war, is called a subsidy. Vattel, liv. 3, Sec. 82. See Neutrality.

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He said the government subsidies have gone up by 73% over the past five years, topping BD 1,126 billion by end of 2012, up from around BD 822 million in 2007.
Most people are aware that the large volume of government subsidies was intended to reflect positively on consumers and merchants alike, and not to tip the scale in favor of either side.
The rationale for government subsidies is 1) giving everyone a chance to succeed and 2) promoting economic growth.
But the firm, which has a major Birmingham presence, says it will take Government subsidies to smooth the passage for electric vehicles.
Qatar's economic expansion has created sustainability challenges for the emirate, as industrial and population growth calls into question the wisdom of continued government subsidies for water, electricity and petrol.
The penalty tariffs for the government subsidies and the antidumping tariffs were upheld by the trade commission vote.
In order to obtain government subsidies, it is necessary to hold a competitive tender by collecting cost estimates from several prospective contractors.
In fact, the prices of beef, pork, and chicken are kept low by government subsidies to corn growers.
The single largest source of cuts, some 70% comes from raised interest in student loan programs and the elimination of government subsidies to private lender.
5 million Brazilian families and 5 million Mexican families now receive monthly government subsidies to keep their children in school.
The airline is likely to end up paying back government subsidies deemed illegal and the Greek government has said that the Commission is likely to demand repayment of some EUR500m.

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