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noun allotment, allowance, backing, bounty, contribution, gift, grant, grant-in-aid, stipend, subsistence, subvention
Associated concepts: government subsidy
See also: aid, alimony, annuity, assistance, benefit, commission, consideration, contribution, donation, endowment, fee, grant, help, loan, maintenance, payment, pension, perquisite, recompense

SUBSIDY, Eng. law. An aid, tax or tribute granted by parliament to the king for the urgent occasions of the kingdom, to be levied on every subject of ability, according to the value of his lands or goods. Jacob's Law. Dict. h.t.
     2. The assistance given in money by one nation to another to enable it the better to carry on a war, when such nation does not join directly in the war, is called a subsidy. Vattel, liv. 3, Sec. 82. See Neutrality.

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Says can't organise four meets without government subsidy
was supposed to hold a tender or collect cost estimates from several prospective contractors if the project was to receive a government subsidy.
However, the cost without the Government subsidy (or for a non-member) would be pounds 64.
Hefty government subsidy payments and a lack of attractive alternative crops will support steady to slightly higher rice acreage this spring.
But if, as I suspect, such shifts occurred because of the attraction of a government subsidy, we should be concerned because the insidious effects of such subsidies would have spread.
Two of Sematech's original 14 members quit because even with their dues halved by government subsidy they could not justify the investment.
The homeowner deduction is a government subsidy that goes primarily to the affluent.
Despite the growing level of government subsidy, the UK remains relatively low compared with other EU countries.
An official at the dealers association said strong demand just before the expected expiration of the government subsidy program has not been seen.
BRITAIN'S b 10% of the b Governmen First Grou staff in mor vehicles a passengers The sell-o bus arm by to raise at l plans hav The Gove hike Bo run "Th prog we term from from subs Th by a follo 5% a Bu 10% Mar Fi by 6 trad Grey Boss Tim O'Toole, who used to run London Underground, said: "This is a more accelerated programme to address the issues we need to confront this year in terms of pressure we are getting from extraordinary cost increases from cut backs in Government subsidy and fuel increases.

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