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GOVERNOR. The title of the executive magistrate in each state and territory of the United States. Under the names of the particular states, the reader will find some of the duties of the governor of such state.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* Abdessatar Toumi is appointed in the Governorate of Nabeul in replacement of Mahmoud Jaballah
Secretary journalist of the Ministry of Interior Mohammed Al-Mawiri told Yemen Times that the ministry was able to obtain intelligence confirming the militants' intentions to carry-out attacks in the Lawdr district of Abyan governorate.
The meeting reviewed several security and military issues concerning the situation in the governorate after the al-Qaeda militants have been driven out from the some Abyan districts.
The governorates of South Batinah saw allotment of 1,103 residential plots, Musandam 470 plots, North Batinah 391 plots (except Sohar), Al Wusta 284 plots and Dhofar 224 plots.
The youth committee at Ja'alan Club wins first place at the level of the Governorate of South
Only in the Northern Governorate's constituency 10 two outgoing MPs face each other in the run-off -- Mr Al Ammadi and Mr Al Maloud, the former ahead with 3,646 votes against the latter's 2,138, out of a total of 7,740.
Samah Mohamed Ahmed Qandil -- Port Said Governorate
Quriyat, (13 mm) in the Governorate of North A'Sharqiyah (the Wilayat
Fellow would-be parliamentarians Mohammed Ghanem Ahmed Ghanem (Muharraq Governorate, constituency six), Ahmed Jassim Al Ekri (Capital Governorate, constituency 10), Tahira Al Toublani (Capital Governorate, constituency eight), Saad Hassan Ladhan (Southern Governorate, constituency two), Fatima Khalil (Northern Governorate, constituency five) and Ali Yousif Ibrahim Al Sayed (Northern Governorate, constituency 10) all had their nominations rejected - as did Isa Salmeen, who wanted to run for municipal council in the Southern Governorate's constituency eight - as their names did not appear on the electoral roll.
The meeting was attended by heads of Strategy Planning Section and Projects Management Directorate in each governorate and the head of Development and Training Section and the head of Follow-up section in Governorates' General Coordination Office.
The Ministry further plans to construct 57,800 units in the Daqahleya governorate and to renovate 5,800, bringing the governorate's total number of new housing units to 63,600.
Ali bin Khalfan al Ghaithi, director general of Commerce and Industry in North Batinah governorate, said that MoCI was making huge efforts to encourage investors, both from inside and outside the sultanate.

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