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noun caretaker, director, elected official, executive, executive leader, government official, highest state official, politician, potentate, public official, statesman
Associated concepts: executive branch of government
See also: caretaker, director, pedagogue, principal, superintendent

GOVERNOR. The title of the executive magistrate in each state and territory of the United States. Under the names of the particular states, the reader will find some of the duties of the governor of such state.

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followed by the Governorate of Muscat with (843) contracts, (813) sale
Baum emphasised that the ministry had received US$10 million from the UAE through the WHO earlier, which was spent on equipment required in the various governorates of the country.
He said new priorities will be set, through a governorate local team, to allocate the remaining funds for infrastructure projects in 2017-2018, as per a cabinet decision in this regard at the value of JD150 million for 2017 and JD200 million for 2018.
The Governorate of Musandam logged a production growth of 6.
And, 398 contracts in the Governorate of A'Dhahirah, 348 contracts in the Governorate of Dhofar, 208 contracts in the Governorate of Al Wusta, 170 contracts in the Governorate of Al Buraimi and 26 sale contracts in the Governorate of Musandam.
UN-Habitat also emphasized the need for governorates to strengthening their respective institutional arrangements and execute governorate budget so as to ensure effective delivery of services and infrastructure to the citizens of Iraq.
Moreover, the Saudi war jets launched air strikes on Dar Saad district in Aden governorate, and many others on Qa'ataba district in Dalei governorate, the official said.
Attacks on oil pipelines and infrastructure in the governorate between 2012 and 2014 have already cost the state upwards of $6.
They are Bahrain's first ever municipal councillor Fatima Salman (Muharraq Governorate constituency three), Tagreed Alawi (Muharraq Governorate constituency six), Sabah Al Dossary (Muharraq Governorate constituency seven), Fatima Mohammed (Northern Governorate constituency two) and Wathiha Al Dossary (Southern Governorate constituency two).
The meeting was attended by heads of Strategy Planning Section and Projects Management Directorate in each governorate and the head of Development and Training Section and the head of Follow-up section in Governorates' General Coordination Office.
New housing projects will use solar energy, with an emphasis on installing these on high rise buildings in governorates such as Al-Buhaira and Port Said, where limits on land available for construction encourages higher living density.
First launching this service within different governorates in Jordan and more specifically in the cities of Kerak, Ma'an, Tafileh, and Mafraq, Umniah is now granting its users the opportunity to talk with fellow Umniah subscribers anywhere in the kingdom at the reduced cost of 0.

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