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American Governors General continued to improve and enlarge Malacanang, "buying up more land, reclaiming more of the Pasig River, raising the ground level (to keep above flood waters), changing the wood to concrete and beautifying the interiors with hardwood paneling and magnificent chandeliers," it said.
Governors General themselves have contributed to this dialogue of confusion.
The ayatollah spoke out last Thursday a few days after Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar talked about the possibility that he would appoint women as governors general of a number of Iran's 30 provinces.
Governors general may be increasingly called upon to use their reserve powers.
Furthermore, she has researched carefully into the details and minutiae of the activities and decision-making of the five governors general of that thirty-one-year period.
Canada's governors general, 1847-1878; biography and constitutional evolution.
Heritage Department officials stated that no previous governors general had refused the Bible.