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The formation of European Economic Community and its gradual evolution to the European Union of today put the stakes of all its members in the stability and betterment of each other.
The number of political options and strategic manoeuvres that have been employed tell the story of the gradual evolution of Balochistan's distinct political culture.
But her rise through the ranks was a "gradual evolution" as she never planned a career in agricultural politics, she told the Love British Food campaign.
Yet the gradual evolution in board governance accelerated dramatically when the government began asserting itself after the crushing bankruptcies of Enron and WorldCom and later the global financial crisis.
Interviewed while having his hair styled for a fashion shoot a few days before jetting off to Dubai, the man born Thomas Wesley Pence reflects on his gradual evolution into the sharp-dressed gentleman scholar of the worldwide DJ scene.
That gradual evolution has been the case for pretty much every car marque on the market today, save for one or two, and Hyundai is definitely one of the latter.
Certain discoveries have shown the gradual evolution of flatfish asymmetry (Janvier, 2008).
-- A deepening of EMU will not come as a big bang but as the result of a pragmatic and gradual evolution.
One of the possible tasks is to give reasons when faced with nonsense, scientific evidence faced with fits of rage, to provide knowledge to generate the conditions that allow the gradual evolution of educational change, dismissing purely administrative decisions and notions.
The result is a volume that reflects a gradual evolution in both photography and architecture--and the careers of these two exceptional talents--revealing a meticulousness to their respective practices.
The 13 thematic meetings, with explanations and discussion, are supported by the gradual evolution of working examples of live web documents and applications using the mainstream programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.