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GRADUS. This is a Latin word, literally signifying a step; figuratively it is used to designate a person in the ascending or descending line, in genealogy; a degree.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Representation of DC classification in the groups Group (DC) gradus laparoscopic splenectomy n (%) Classic splenectomy n (%) I 9 (9.6) 25 (24.3) II 6 (6.4) 23 (22.3) III 1 (1.1) 11 (10.7) IV 1 (1.1) 5 (4.9) V 1 (1.1) 2 (1.9) (DC) gradus p I 0.006 II 0.002 III 0.005 IV 0.122 V 0.615 DC: Dindo-Clavien classification.
'The general public may have a perception that stress contributes to cancer occurrence and given the ubiquity of PTSD and cancer and their costs to individuals and society, any observed associations could have meaningful public health implications, ' Gradus explained.
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Nos parece destacable este resultado dada la vulnerabilidad de la poblacion diagnosticada de TA de cometer autolisis y a la menor latencia entre el inicio del cuadro y la conducta suicida (Gradus et al., 2010, Portzk et al., 2005).
Non acquievit actrix quae contra sententiam negativam a iudicibus secundi gradus iudicii prolatam appellavit ad Tribunal Rotae Romanae quod, constituto collegio die 25 ianuarii 2012, instante patrona ex officio actricis, concordavit die 4 iunii 2012 dubium sub formula <<An constet de matrimonii nullitate, in casu, ob defectum discretionis iudicii ex parte mulieris actricis>>.
13, May, Sweet May; and C Debussy, from the suite Children's Corner No.1, Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum; while Hala al-Emadi performed F Chopin's Waltz in A Flat Major, Op.69, No.1 L'Adieu, and Prelude in E minor Op.28, No.4.
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It bears a marginal graduation of 80 divisions each way (spoken of as "gradus"), and has also a long note by Lycosthenes explaining once more the use of the system.
Somewhat more commonly, HHI has been used to study budget allocations across political jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom (Andrews, Boyne, Meier & O'Toole, 2005), Norway (Sorensen, 2007), The Netherlands (Dijkgraaf & Gradus, 2007), and in OECD countries (Pina & Torres, 2003).