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GRAINAGE, Eng. law. The name of an ancient duty collected in London, consisting of one-twentieth part of the salt imported into that city.

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Tenders are invited for Repairs to testing room, Incubation room & Compound wall works to government grainage (sericulture) at madanapalle in chittoor district
Tenders are invited for Providing amenities to high capacity grainage & Govt.
Tenders are invited for construction grainage and interlocking road works ayodhyadas ward-i under by khadra , gomti house to mahesh tallers and prakash ramleela chauraha to kali mata mandir.
Swift dzire/bolero or equivalant car with qualified license holder driver in uniform in connection with Construction of one high capacity 30 lakh bivoltine grainage building at sspc jorhat assam
Tenders are invited for Roof treatment of grainage building of kotasur sericulture farm, kotasur, birbhum, with app membrane
Tenders are invited for Interior Electrical Installation Including Fan And Fittings in connection with Repairing / Renovation Of Internal Electrical Installation Of Grainage Building At P3 Basic Seed Farm, Central Silk Board, Ambari, Falakata, Dist.
Tenders are invited for Providing Inspection Vehicle in connection with Construction Of One High Capacity 30 Lakhs Bivoltine Grainage Building At Sspc Jorhat, Assam
Tenders are invited for Repairs & Maintenance to sericulture grainage in the premises of govt.
Tenders are invited for Minor repairs, White washing, Fencing to government grainage and fencing to crc building at karvetinagar in the jurisdiction of ad, Sericulture, Tirupati