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GRAMME. A French weight. The gramme is the weight of a cubic centimetre of distilled water, at the temperature of zero. It is equal to 15.4441 grains troy, or 5.6481 drachms avoirdupois. Vide. Measure.

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Gramm joined XL from Markel Corporation where he was Director, Transportation Product Lines.
In the op-ed, Gramm and Rollins note that the Foundation is not only a member of ALEC, but of the Public Safety and Elections Task Force that was shut down as a result of the pressure campaign mounted by left-wing activists.
Senator Gramm has assisted clients in more than 120 major transactions, including such milestone deals as the Visa IPO (NYSE: V), the Bank of China IPO (BOC) (601398.
She's the closest Gramm has to a sidekick in his race against the clock.
Gramm bops willy-nilly around Seattle, seemingly possessing both superb detective skills and the ability to navigate the entire Pacific Northwest in a matter of moments.
Gramm, of course, is long gone from office, as are most of the other architects of the "Republican revolution.
Further, Gramm would also lift any meaningful CRA review for all small banks with assets under $250 million.
Yet the irrepressible Gramm had an answer for that one too.
Early poll numbers reflect his success at positioning himself alongside Gramm and Tennessee Gov.
Two months later, The New York Times and other news organizations reported that Gramm may have lost his "best friend," ready campaign money, because through the first three quarters of 1995, he had amassed "only" $14 million.
March 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Alexander Gramm Studio, Inc.
Senate Majority Leader Dole ceded no turf, declaring himself to be a truer conservative than Gramm.