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GRAMME. A French weight. The gramme is the weight of a cubic centimetre of distilled water, at the temperature of zero. It is equal to 15.4441 grains troy, or 5.6481 drachms avoirdupois. Vide. Measure.

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Despite opposition from Senate Banking Committee Chairman Phil Gramm (R-Tex.
Once Gramm dropped out after Iowa, having already lost the Louisiana caucuses that the Texas senator thought he had rigged, Dole was the inevitable nominee.
In 1987, Phil Gramm and his wife Wendy were building a house in Maryland.
Victor Morales is going to give Phil Gramm fits," says former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower.
Phil Gramm has a solid flat-tax plan and, at least until recently, he also had gobs and gobs of money.
The Gramm amendment also seeks to impose federal mandates on states to implement strict sentencing guidelines as a condition to receive federal prison construction funds.
Previous experience with the Senate Banking Committee includes serving as staff director of the Subcommittee on Securities from 1995 to 1998; Republican economist for the committee from 1989 to 1994; a senior legislative assistant for Gramm from 1987 to 1989, and as an economist for the Banking Committee's Subcommittee on International Finance and Monetary Policy, 1981-1986.
Phil Gramm sponsored an amendment that would have federalized virtually all firearms crimes, and Gramm is still taking credit for the proposal on his Web site (http://www.
Texas Senator Phil Gramm felt the full brunt of New Hampshire's fury last year when he hinted at backing an effort by Arizona to jump-start the nominating process by scheduling its vote several days before New Hampshire's.
Liddy Dole has headed two federal cabinet agencies; Wendy Gramm is, like her husband, an economist.